Joining the “I quit sugar” bandwagon!

Posted: November 4, 2014 by Sarah in Kiwi Corner
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I’ve bought the “I Quit Sugar” book and follow the facebook page of Sarah Wilson and have extended that to a number of other sources.

Summer is on it’s way so I decided to stock up on salady things and decided to check out the sugar content of the dressings – prompted, in part, by a viral mayonnaise post on facebook.

Check these out.


#1 Light and Free Honey Mustard Dressing makes a big noise about being guilt free

Sugar: 28g of sugar per 100ml
Energy: 690kJ per 100ml


#2 Light Honey and Mustard Dressing

Sugar: 19g per 100ml
Energy: 975kJ per 100ml


#3 Honey and Mustard Dressing

Sugar: 7.5g of sugar and 2100kJ per 100ml
Energy: 2100kJ per 100ml

The recommended serving should be well under 100ml but I’m pretty certain that many of us have no idea what a “serving” actually looks like and we probably have way more.

I was staggered by the difference between these brands and especially that the worst offender exploited shoppers with “Guilt Free”. I’d previously bought that brand and won’t now for two reasons:

  1. there’s so much sugar
  2. unethical marketing

Yes, they’d managed to come in at a lower kJ count but the sugar must be masking some flavour (aka “chemical shit storm”) that people didn’t like, otherwise they could have left it out and being genuinely “Guilt Free”.

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