Adding American Wheat to my “No Go” list

Posted: November 22, 2014 by Sarah in Around the Web
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I already have a problem with processed corn that doctors have failed to acknowledge and I manage by “avoidance” so I was intrigued by this article: The Real Reason Wheat is Toxic (it’s not the gluten)

There are plenty of things that farmers do that are distasteful and run contrary to the propaganda fed to us as toddlers in our story books and never questioned. Drenching a food product in a herbicide just prior to harvest has to be on the list. That link takes you to an official Roundup document – it’s up to us if we think the risk is worth it or not.

It appears that last year (2013) the USA changed the law to allow the levels of Roundups active chemical (Glyphosphate) found in food to be doubled. [source]

Moms Across America have tried to find a lab to test for glyphosphate levels and struggled to find one but, it appears, did do a survey in Australia of glyphosphate levels in breast milk. That study gets debunked here.

I clearly have a bit of reading to do on the subject and I’ve already found interesting stats comparing the rates of autism with the use of roundup (an emotive tool used against vaccines as well) but the idea of every sandwich my kids take to school, every slice of toast etc containing poison is enough to make me want to know more. And Yes, I’m in NZ – but I have no idea where our flour comes from and that needs to change.

My Story

Back when my kids were little I started experiencing excruciating stomach pains each morning which would leave me bed ridden. There seemed to be no pattern other than time of day. Xrays and ultrasounds ruled out a digestive ailment, gyno checks were clear, but the pain continued. A laparoscopy removed my appendix but found nothing of interest. Bloods ruled out lupus. After 14 nights in hospital I was discharged with advice to contact the pain clinic for ways of managing the pain.

Despite being told that it wasn’t a food allergy I started taking note of the triggers and narrowed it down to processed corn in products like Nutrigrain cereal, some brands of corn flakes, corn chips like Doritos or Grain Waves. I stop eating them, I get better.

I can now eat them occasionally, but if I were to have a corn based cereal every day I’d soon be getting sick again. I’ve played with fire and proven it – to myself at least.

I’ve since put it down to a chemical residue from the factories that turn corn into powder but I’m curious to find out if the problem came from glyphosphate instead.

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