Pushing Men to be involved in Abortion decisions

Posted: February 16, 2017 by Sarah in Around the Web
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Oklahoma proposes legislation to oblige the father of an unborn child to be part of the abortion decision.

ref: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2017/02/14/oklahoma-bill-would-require-father-of-fetus-to-approve-abortion/?tid=sm_tw&utm_term=.dc1455015ee7

ht-humphrey-justin-hb-170214_4x3_992The initial uproar is because he’s called women “hosts” and while that conjures up unpleasant images it’s a valid standpoint for a male, antiabortionist.

So far nobody seems to be thinking through how this will be implemented, so here are my thoughts…

All women wanting an abortion will require a fetal DNA test – probably via amniocentesis – because:

  • She could lie about the father’s identity and provide a proxy
  • She might not know who the father is – rape, hookup, he might not give correct details, she’s lost his number
  • The clinic will need to protect itself from the possibility that a different man could claim parentage after the abortion and sue for damages

Once the DNA has been collected it needs to be matched against a global database of male DNA so that tourists and residents can be matched to the sample.

A global database will be problematic:

  • Men who are not promiscuous will not want to contribute.
  • Men who fear the database might be used for other reasons will not want to contribute
  • Men who want to avoid the consequences of their sexual choices will not want to contribute

Having identified the father how do you oblige them to participate?

  • What if he refuses further involvement?
  • What if he is no longer in Oklahoma?
  • What if he can’t afford the time or money to be involved in giving consent?
  • What if he gives consent but delays in finding him/getting that consent mean the fetus is too old?

Will the father’s decision need to be ratified by some legal process?

If he won’t participate can he be forced legally? Arrested?

If he consents but the woman changes her mind does his consent then protect him from claims for child support?

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