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Compulsory insurance

Posted: September 14, 2006 by wickedchick in NZ Politics

It’s interesting that legendary kiwi blogger David Farrar has entered the fray with a post on compulsary insurance for home owners but seems to have turned his back on the ill-fated landlords insurance bill that is being steam rollered through.

I have no problem with making insurance compulsary – it’s a fine idea. But it’s really important that the onus is placed on the correct person. (more…)

Why Don Brash’s love life matters

Posted: September 14, 2006 by Sarah in NZ Politics

The scandal about New Zealand right now is that Don Brash appears to have been “playing away”. Personally I couldn’t give a toss except that as the Leader of the Opposition he could be our next Prime Minister.

Don Brash and Je Lan

I don’t like the man, but that’s irrelevant. He was, by all accounts, a very good Governor of the Reserve Bank and a quite able (if invisible and insipid) leader of the National Party.

Some jobs demand more of the people filling them. (more…)


Posted: October 17, 2005 by Sarah in NZ Politics

Can you believe Labour? They’ve taken the darstardly Winston Peters into their Government. I never, ever, thought they’d stoop so low. We all knew Winston would sell his soul for power and the media spotlight – but really, even his own electorate didn’t want him this time round. And here we are – he’s the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Gone by Lunchtime? Lets hope so!