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I was impressed by Mashable’s article on customising facebook profiles and used the Schweppes tool to customise mine. I wasn’t hugely committed to it, didn’t have a great photo to use but thought it would be fun for a while.

I got it set up using Firefox and it looked lovely until I decided to show my sister in law and she uses IE. The images were all out of line and I looked like I’d had a severe stroke or palsy. Since then one of my lovely nieces has started tagging the Xmas family photos – and I appear in some.

Unless I stop facebook doing what it does maintaining my profile will be a full time job. However one of the things I liked about facebook was the uniformity. The content and character of the user stands out on page because the garishness that consumed MySpace is gone. With that in mind, perhaps its 1 point facebook, nil to the modifiers.