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The weather is gloomy so my boy has taken advantage of it and cajoled me into taking him with some friends to Yogi Bear. We bought our tickets online and parked in a reasonably inconvenient area because I didn’t want to waste time looking for a park and its no bother to walk. 

I was astounded to see that Wilsons parking have been given a contract to enforce parking restrictions. Where I was parked is limited to 90 minutes (less than a movie) and closer parks got a generous 240 minutes.

If you want longer you have to plead your case to Customer Services at their newly relocated desk. The woman I talked to gave me a flyer and a complaint form and told me that extensions would be given if you could show you had made significant purchases.

I have a young daughter who wants to go to the mall with her friends and objects that I feel I should be there too. Given the unreasonable parking situation and the $3/ hour internet at Starbucks it looks likely she’ll get her independence more quickly than I’d planned.